NonStop Staging Wins Best of Houzz 2018 Award!

A BIG THANKS to all who gave us amazing reviews on HOUZZ and those who we had the opportunity to serve in 2017, whose projects helped us earn this highly respected award, Best of Houzz 2018!!! We were rated at the highest level for client satisfaction by the Houzz community. Read More

With 33 years of experience and professional training as a home stager, Doshia Wagner and the team at NonStop Staging will help you sell your home faster for more money. Visit our website for a complete overview of our services, along with extensive recent projects and success stories.

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Home Staging Recent Success Stories with Real Estate

Doshia Wagner with NonStop Staging on the road with Christina Cook Lee, discussing some recent success stories with professional home staging and real estate. Sell your home 70% Faster, for more money.

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PART ONE (See Part Two Below)- Shopworn Listings on the Internet and Real Estate Market

PART ONE of a great two part audio blog by Doshia Doshia Porta Wagner with Christina Cook Lee discussing the importance of professional staging to keep real estate listing images from looking “shopworn”. Sell your home 70% Faster, for more money.

PART TWO of a great two part audio blog by Doshia Doshia Porta Wagner with Christina Cook Lee discussing the importance of professional staging to keep real estate listing images from looking “shopworn”. Sell your home 70% Faster, for more money.

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An Amazing and Mysterious “Before and After” Story…

Recently, I got to meet the seller of a house in the Greenbrook Community of Lakewood Ranch on Pirate Perch Trail, when I came to take some “Before Staging” pictures, which demonstrate the compelling difference that staging actually makes.

As I asked the seller how she found Doshia and Nonstop Staging, she told me that she had been thinking of selling for some time and had been keeping an eye on other houses for sale in her area. At one point, she came across a home that happened to be very similar to hers. She loved the photos and the furnishings in the pictures and had saved them.

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NonStop Staging Coming to the Raleigh/Durham Area

NonStop Staging is excited to announce that we are expanding into the Raleigh / Durham, NC area under the leadership of our Chief Operating Officer Brent Carver, MBA, and Staging Design Professional, Angela Carver, SDP. Using our existing and proven methodology and with our full line-up of customizable staging services, they will be expanding into the hot Raleigh / Durham real estate market the first quarter of 2017.

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Doshia Porta Wagner, Featured Guest on Tampa Bay Real Estate Experts Radio Program

Tampa Bay Real Estate Experts, is a radio program that airs between 2 – 3:00 PM every Saturday, on 970 WFLA Talk Radio, in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.

The program is hosted by Rob Newton, along with Realtors, Tony Baroni and Sean Ready. I was invited to be a featured guest and discuss the importance of home staging for the programs that air on Saturday, October 29th and November 5th, 2016.

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Realtor Partners

We know that as an experienced Real Estate Professional, you understand the three key points to selling a home quickly and for the most money:

  1. Inside Marketing (Home Staging)
  2. Outside Marketing (getting the word out)
  3. Pricing (the right price matters!)
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Sold Within a Month

We are proud to say that most of our recently staged properties have sold within the first month or even sooner; so it is rare that we find a client that needs to extend their time with us. We do strongly suggest you leave the furnishings in until your home has passed its inspection, and preferably, through the appointment with the appraiser; but even doing so, it is rare that our clients find a need to extend beyond our normal 2-month term. We have quite a large percentage of clients in the investor category, and they know they can count on us to help “flip” their properties VERY quickly!

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From 7 to 40

The average time a buyer stays in a non-staged or poorly staged home is 7-9 minutes in a home in your price range, while the time increases to up to 40 minutes in a home that has been properly, skillfully and professionally staged. What does that mean to you? The longer a buyer stays in a property they are viewing, the higher the percentage of offers that come in. Just think about your own business. Once a buyer sits down in a home you are showing, don’t you get excited knowing they are beginning to fall in love and visualize themselves owning that property.

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343% ROI

Statistically the national return on investment (ROI) on your staging investment is 343% – that is almost as high as remodeling an out-dated kitchen!

Our goal will be to add just enough home furnishings in order to give YOUR space a warm, open and comfortable feel, which in turn will give YOUR buyers an exciting ambiance in which to fuel their imagination about living and loving their family for years to come in your property.

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Only 20 Seconds to Impress

Nationally statistics show that in today’s technically advanced society 95% of America’s buyers now preview every room of a listing before they even call a realtor to see a property! What does this mean to you? This means you have approximately 20 SECONDS to capture the interest of a buyer with your online photographs if you hope to have the chance to have a potential buyer actually personally tour your listing!

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Professionally Staged Homes Sell up to 70% Faster

Available current real estate inventory is much higher than the number of available buyers. Professional staging has become a common situation to set one property above another.

National Statistics prove professionally staged homes sell up to 70% faster and for up to 20% higher than do non-staged homes! As you are very aware every day your unsold property sits on the market your net profit goes down when you consider your mortgage payment, taxes, water, electricity, yard and pool care, etc.

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Emotional "Wow"

Want to have your home buyers “wow”ed? That’s what we do. Professional staging is advantageous, as it will create the EMOTIONAL “WOW” needed to capture the attention of your buyers, making them wanting to pick up the phone and call for a live tour.

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