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Sold Within a Month

We are proud to say that most of our recently staged properties have sold within the first month or even sooner; so it is rare that we find a client that needs to extend their time with us. We do strongly suggest you leave the furnishings in until your home has passed its inspection, and preferably, through the appointment with the appraiser; but even doing so, it is rare that our clients find a need to extend beyond our normal 2-month term. We have quite a large percentage of clients in the investor category, and they know they can count on us to help “flip” their properties VERY quickly!

For example, we staged three investor homes 3 months ago. Within a one-week period all three of those properties received MULTIPLE FULL PRICE OFFERS in the first week! We are very proud to be able to achieve results like that, as that is a rare statistic even for a professionally staged property; and it happens at NonStop Staging all the time!

Every day your property sits on the market your net profit goes down when you consider your mortgage payment, taxes, water, electricity, yard and pool care, etc., etc.

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